Sustainable Partners

As part of our mission to address the problems in our food system, we’re partnering with innovative companies that are making a positive impact on climate change with sustainable foods and practices.

Like you, we believe it’s important to know where our ingredients come from. The sustainable foods we source, not only help our planet but contribute to restoring habitats and livelihoods for local communities and farms.

Farming the Ocean

Blue Evolution

Blue Evolution sustainably sources world-changing nutrition from the ocean, reducing our dependence on fresh water and fertilizers for crop production. By farming seaweed, Blue Evolution mitigates ocean acidification, improves water quality, and absorbs carbon dioxide.

Responsibly harvested seaweed has the power to change our planet. Blue Evolution’s vertically integrated supply chain means this ingredient travels fewer miles to get to your plate.

At Rainbao, we’re using Blue Evolution’s nutrient-dense, leafy green seaweed in our plant-based xiao long bao dumplings. You can feel good about the impact on the planet with these umami-rich and flavorful dishes.


At the heart of Kalera’s mission is sustainable nourishment. Cleaner than organic and healthier than traditional growing methods, vertically farmed foods are making an impact on health and the planet.

Kalera is driving sustainability forward in an urban context with green cities of vertical farms. Locally grown means products are fresher, crunchier, more affordable, and come with a much smaller environmental footprint.

No spray, no dirt, no nothing. Vertically farmed greens grow undisturbed by pests, temperature swings, and pesticides. This contributes to a richer flavor and a 50% increase in proteins, vitamins, and minerals compared to traditionally grown greens.

What does it mean to you? A tastier, more nutritious product.


Sourced safely, sustainably, and ethically, this premium Bluefin Tuna is naturally-fed and raised without hormones, antibiotics, or additives. Bluefina uses the highest ethical standards of responsible fishery management to carefully ranch melt-in-your-mouth tuna.

Superb starts at the source, which is why they put incredible effort into feeding their Blufin Tuna a natural oceanic diet. Taste the difference in this bold, savory, and buttery sweet fish.

Bluefina is committed to transparent supply chains and sustainable practices to ensure an abundant future tomorrow. 

Bluefina is the most trusted, ethically sourced Bluefin on the market and a proud partner of Rainbao.

US Foods

US Foods is making strides with social responsibility, animal welfare, sustainability, reducing waste, and promoting regenerative agriculture. Their Serve Good program offers products that meet rigorous standards and/or verifications by third-party certifiers.

US Foods is committed to promoting ecological balance and conserving biodiversity. They invest in companies whose responsible practices also support the safety and rights of farmers, workers, and fishermen. They empower communities with ethical and sustainable trade.

Their Serve Good® Responsible Disposables are made from materials that are certified, verified, or classified as one or more of the following: recyclable, compostable, post-consumer content, biobased, or responsibly sourced virgin pulp.

Myrtle Greens

Myrtle greens provides high-quality plant-based products that use fewer natural resources compared to animal proteins. Inspired by flavors from the world and a passion for excellence, Myrtle Greens products live up to the Rainbao standards of sustainability, quality, and flavor.

100% Vegan recipes have the true taste and texture of traditional proteins in classic dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Ginger Chicken, Black Pepper Steak, and Orange Chicken. Try their festive Vegan turkey and ham for your holiday celebration.

When you partner with us, you're partnering for change.